All hubs supplied by NGR Racing Products are milled out of high quality aluminium with a 36 hole configuration. Our hubs are optimized for weight and strength. The hubs are supplied with bearings and bushings ready for your motorcycle!

We carry hubs from multiple suppliers, includingL SMPro, Talon and Haan. They are available in an assortment of anodized colors, please have a look at our wheel set Configurator to configure your customized set!

All hubs will fit the original brake disc and sprockets.

Information about the different brands

SMPro hubs

Since the early 2000's SM Pro Wheel has had the aim to deliver the best performing aftermarket wheels. They have pulled it off, great hubs at fair prices. Complete with bearing and customized to your bike, no spacers necessary! Available in many anodized colors.

Talon hubs

With more than 40 years of experience, Talon has grown from a modest factory in England to a marketleader. Talon was founded by George Sartin in 1972, he was a beloved friend of Grass Track legend Lew Coffin and served as a mechanic for a period of time. After they're relationship grew over the years george was asked to produce hubs for Lew and Talon was founded.

After big successes with talon hubs in Grass Track and Speedway motorcycles, Talon soon incorporated the motocross market. Today Talon exports its products to 35 countries with distributors in Europe, Usa, Japan and Australia.

Talon has delevoped to a 40.000 m2 hypermodern factory with 50 fulltime employees. Talon strives for the best products and the best quality. This is being supported by the fact that 100 professional riders use Talon products.

Talon Carbon

Engineering to its finest! Light weight hubs from Talon, Aluminium flanges with a carbon center piece. Save 1.1 kg per

Haan hubs

Haan Wheels-hubs are 100% produced in The Netherlands. Produced from a single piece of billet 6082 T6 alloy on the newest CNC machines. Hubs are available in many anodized colors.

  • CNC milled from one piece of billet 6082 T6 alloy.
  • Fits original brake disc and sprocket.
  • Hubs are fitted with Koyo bearings, no special sizes but simply standardized bearing sizes.
  • Most rear hubs have 3 bearing instead of 2, like some original wheels.
  • All 65/85 cc hubs have 32 spoke, all others have 36.
  • Spacing tube and bushings are out of 7075 hardened alloy.
  • Hubs are supplied with new fasteners.


The cushdrive rear hubs have rubber cushioning and are supplied with the according sprocket carrier.