Bulldog stainless spokes

The world renowned 'Bulldog' stainless steel spokes are specially developed for motocross, supermoto and offroad use. These spokes are being use by many leading European wheel manufacturers.

Many proffesional riders in motocross, enduro and supermoto use wheels with Bulldog spokes. KTM, Honda, Suzuki and Husaberg all make use of the CWC Bulldog spoke.

The technical requirements for off road spokes varies wildly from normal road use. MX wheels are submitted to very high peak loads, during these peak loads the wheels are submitted to a hard acceleration while the wheel tries to recover to its original shape. In order to compensate for these extremes, it was neccesary to use a material elastic enought to accept the high deformation but strong enough to withstand the load. This in order to keep the spokes intact and the wheel in its original shape.

Bulldog spokes meet these requirements.

The spokes are mounten with nickel plated steel or anodized aluminium spoke nipple.

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