Supermoto IRC radial brake pump 16mm

Price: € 199,00

IRC 16mm Radial brake pump.

The revolutionary brake pump that is widely used in the moto 2 and now also the moto 3.
Now available especially for the Supermoto.
Fully CNC machined and manufactured in Italy.

What is the difference with other brands?

  • The 16MM brake piston is equipped with an innovative Teflon ring, which means that it experiences minimal resistance and wear on the cylinder walls.
  • This means easier operation and less wear.
  • The top piston seal has a sharper edge for a better seal, so it responds directly and more brake pressure.
  • The brake lever is equipped with self-lubricating bushes for easy and light operation of the brake lever.
  • The IRC brake pump also has a TÜV homologation, making it European approved for street use.

This brake pump comes standard with the short "moto-GP" lever.